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Favourite Coloured Stains!

Orton Large Pyrometric Cones - Box of 50
Chavant Modelling Clay - Medium Sulphur-Free Plasteline
Amaco V327 - Turquoise Blue
Ferro Frit 3134 (American)
Ferro Frit 3124 (American)
Mudtools Green Clay Cutting Mudwire
Chavant Modelling Clay - Soft Sulphur-Free Plasteline
Amaco V360 - White
Mudtools Platter Ribs
Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool
Mudtools Starter Kit
Mudtools Flat Shredder
Mudtools The Small Shredder
Mudtools Baby Bump
Mudtools Dragtool
Amaco V387 - Bright Red
Mudtools Mudsponge White Finishing
Ferro Frit 3195 (American)
Mason Stains 6657 Black Stain
Mason Stains 6000 Shell Pink Stain
Amaco V391 - Intense Yellow
Mudtools Mudcutter
Amaco V308 - Yellow
Amaco V386 - Electric Blue
Amaco V353 - Dark Green
Mudtools Mudsponge Orange Most Absorbent
Mudtools Mudsponge Blue Workhorse
Mudtools Conical Shredder
MKM Tools Finger Roller 20 - Lines & Dots
Amaco V380 - Violet
Mudtools Mudshark
Amaco V390 - Bright Orange
Amaco V361 - Jet Black
Amaco V388 - Radiant Red
Mudtools Paddle
Mudtools Bull's Tongue | Japanese Gyubera
Marx High Fire Mender
Mason Stains 6098 Flesh Stain
Amaco V389 - Flame Orange
Mason Stains 6266 Peacock Stain
Mason Stains 6206 Grass Green Stain
Mason Stains 6700 White Stain
Mason Stains 6600 Best Black Stain
Mudtools Small Bowl Rib - VERY SOFT - Red
Amaco V373 - Medium Brown
MKM Tools 10cm Hand Roller 31 - Sunburst
MKM Tools 10cm Hand Roller 29 - Big Spiral
MKM Tools 10cm Hand Roller 25 - Fleur De Lis
MKM Tools 10cm Hand Roller 27 - Daisy
MKM Tools 10cm Hand Roller 14 - Leaves
MKM Tools 10cm Hand Roller 03 - Waves