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Favourite Coloured Stains!

Ferro Frit 3110 (American)
Orton Large Pyrometric Cones - Box of 50
Mudtools Dragtool
Chavant Modelling Clay - Soft Sulphur-Free Plasteline
Ferro Frit 3134 (American)
Ferro Frit 3195 (American)
Mudtools Bull's Tongue | Japanese Gyubera
Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool
Mason Stains 6000 Shell Pink Stain
Mudtools Mudsponge Orange Most Absorbent
Mudtools Paddle
Mudtools Mudsponge White Finishing
Mason Stains 6600 Best Black Stain
Ferro Frit 3124 (American)
Mason Stains 6407 Marigold Yellow Stain
Mudtools The Small Shredder
Mason Stains 6657 Black Stain
Mudtools Heavy Duty Black Mudwire
Mudtools The Bump
Mudtools Mudsponge Blue Workhorse
Mudtools Carving Bow
Mason Stains 6383 Cobalt Aluminate Stain
Marx High Fire Mender
Mason Stains 6098 Flesh Stain
Mason Stains 6006 Deep Crimson Stain
Amaco V356 - Pearl Grey
Amaco V301 - Ivory Beige
Mason Stains 6393 Turquoise Stain
Amaco V361 - Jet Black
Mudtools Green Flexible Rib No. 5 - FIRM Flex
Mudtools Hax Tool (2 Pack)
Mudtools Large Bowl Rib - Medium - Yellow
Mudtools Flat Shredder
Mudtools Platter Ribs
Mudtools Green Clay Cutting Mudwire
Chavant Le Beau Touché - High Melt Sulphur-Free Plasteline
Mason Stains 6405 Naples Yellow Stain
MKM Tools 3cm Roller RM015 - Loose Zigzag
Amaco V386 - Electric Blue
Mason Stains 6363 Sky Blue Stain
Mudtools Red Flexible Rib No. 0 - VERY SOFT Flex
Mason Stains 6650 Cobalt Free Black Stain
Mason Stains 6211 Pea Green Stain
Amaco V370 - Velour Black
Mason Stains 6500 Sage Stain
Mason Stains 6433 Praesodymium Stain
Mason Stains 6371 Dark Teal Stain
Amaco V343 - Chartreuse
Amaco V313 - Red Brown
Amaco V308 - Yellow
Mudtools Small Bowl Rib - VERY SOFT - Red