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Glaze Fountain Classic - *Seconds Item*

*Bottom of Glaze Fountain is damaged as shown in picture but product still works as usual*

DiamondCore Tools' Glaze Fountain Classic is the product every ceramicist needs to quickly and evenly cover the insides of bisqueware with a full coat of glaze.

No more pouring glaze into a cup, swirling it around, holding it over a bucket while the glaze drips out. Now, just a simple press of the foot pedal creates a pressurized, controlled fountain of glaze, making the job easier and faster.

Excess glaze simply flows down the fountain pipe back into the bucket, ready to go for the next piece! The Glaze Fountain Classic can be used again and again — just rinse off and cycle water through the pump reservoir.


  • Human-powered pump to efficiently distribute glaze inside ceramics
  • Laser-cut, stainless-steel spring-tension pedal with hardwood footboard
  • Coiled, metal tension cable, encased in plastic sleeve
  • 13-inch stainless-steel fountain pipe
  • Cable-controlled, plastic pump reservoir
  • Two suction cups to adhere the reservoir to the bottom of buckets
  • The included nozzle attachment increases the force and height of the glaze spray
  • The removable rubber plug empties the reservoir with the help of the foot pedal
  • Self-contained; doesn’t require electricity
  • Preassembled; unpack, screw in the tube, add to glaze bucket, prime pump with the foot press
  • Additional accessories available


  • Spray glaze on the interiors of ceramic pieces evenly and quickly with less mess
  • Coats ceramics without having to touch the glaze
  • Can be used in multiple glaze buckets in a studio environment


  • Less hassle and mess than hand-dipping or hand-pouring glaze inside bisqueware
  • A portable, foot-powered fountain requires no electricity or cords around liquids
  • Designed to be used with existing 2-gallon, 5-gallon, and 10-gallon glaze buckets
  • Excess glaze quickly runs back into the bucket
  • Simple to cycle out the glaze and rinse the device to use with multiple glazes
  • Easy to use in a variety of spaces — including studios and personal workspaces


  • Length of cable sleeve 1.2 meters 
  • Foot pedal dimensions: 10 inches length by 7.5 inches width by 7 inches tall
  • Pump reservoir dimensions: 7 inches length by 5.5 inches width by 15.5 inches tall
  • Height of stainless-steel fountain shaft: 13 inches
  • Requires only about 2 inches of fluid in a bucket to function
  • Approximate height of unimpeded glaze sprays: 1 to 8+ inches, depending on foot pedal pressure


  • Shipping weight: 7 pounds
  • Comes in a 12-inch by 12-inch by 8-inch box


  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children  
  • Use the pedal gently but firmly to distribute the glaze spray
  • Always wear closed-toe shoes while using the foot pedal 
  • Do not look directly into the fountain pipe when dispensing glaze
  • When removing the fountain from glaze or water buckets, liquid may drip on floor surfaces; dry floors to prevent slippery surfaces
  • Do not leave the Glaze Fountain submerged in glaze or water buckets for long periods of time