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Eleanor Swan Wins Glaze Layering Challenge 2108

Eleanor Swan has won the 2018 Scarva Glaze Layering Challenge. Congratulations to Eleanor who wins a £100 Scrava Voucher. Her winning picture will also be featured in our 2019 Calendar. We send out the calendars free with all orders during December and January. Her work will be seen all over the world!

In these pieces Eleanor has used:

ORBS : All Scarva ES 5 fired to 1060C in an electric kiln.

GLAZES: Botz Blazing Yellow 9596 and Lava 9606

                Poppy Red Gloss 1049

                Oilcloth 5717

                Mars Moons 5251

                Nebula FG183

                Renaissance FG133

                Archaic FG131

                Billabong FG135


GLAZE APPLICATION: A minimum of 4 layers for each colour. Anything less will leave patches on the main body and a washed-out colour on the leaves. 

Check out more of Eleanor's work at her website here.