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8 x A4 Sheets
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For use with laser printers to transfer onto Polymer Clay orSilk and Satin.

Contains 8 x A4 sheets full instructions.


Special Instructions

Preparation and Application

Transfer an image to polymer clay

Copy your image in reverse onto a sheet of lazertran Silk.

Put the image face on the clay and  burnish to make sure of good contact andleave for 30 minutes.

Drop the clay with the image attached into a bath of waterand leave for 2 minutes. Then swish the water with your hand until the backingpaper floats off.

Remove the clay from the water and allow to dry for 1 hour.

Then shape and bake as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Transfer an image to silk

Print image onto Lazertran Silk in reverse or mirror on theshiny side.


Iron silk flat. Habutai Silk works really well.

Lay silk over your image and iron until the silk is stuck tothe image. Use a hot iron.

Place the silk in clean water, paper side down and leaveuntil the paper falls off.

Lift the silk carefully from the water and lay face downonto a cloth. Allow the iron to cool and iron gently from the back to dry the silk.

When dry return the iron to hot, turn the silk over andplace a sheet of baking paper/parchment, (not waxed or old fashionedgreaseproof), over the image.

Iron through the paper then allow to cool. Then peel off.This method produces a beautiful result for surface pattern.  The silk can be rinsed in warm water but willnot take a vigorous wash.

Transfer an image to heavier cloth, voile, open weave silksand cloth

Lazertran Silk can be applied to all kinds of surfaces using3M Permanent Photo Mount Spray.


Have your image printed in reverse or mirror. Cut image tosize. Apply spray mount onto the image then stick down onto surface. You caniron through the backing sheet if applying to cloth to make sure of goodadhesion. Wet backing sheet and peel off. Leave to dry overnight.


Lazertran Silk as an etch resist

This is a simple way to transfer toners to a plate to act asan acid resist although fine tones may be lost.


Copy your image in black and negative, setting the tonerdensity to high, onto a sheet of Lazertran Silk paper.

Degrease the plate

Cut the image to the size of the plate.

Put the plate onto a hot plate about 180C then place theimage face down onto the plate and rub flat with a tissue until the image iswell stuck to the plate. Immediately immerse the plate in a bath of boiling hotwater and wait until the backing sheet floats off.

Allow to dry and when dry place the plate back onto the hotplate or in a domestic oven to make sure all the toners are properly adhered.

You are now ready to etch. An aqua tint may be applied.


Before printing remove toners with solvents, or heat untilmelted and wipe off with rag and white spirits.

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