Nabertherm GF 1425 Pottery Kiln From  £21708.00

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Fusing Furnace with Fixed Table 


The fusing furnaces in the GF 75 - GF 1425 series are designed for professionals. Closely arranged heating elements protected in quartz glass tubes ensure very good temperature accuracy during fusing or bending on the complete area of the table. All models have an appealing, dual-shell stainless steel housing. The level table surface made from rugged, durable refractory material and the lid opening with gas pressure springs as support simplify charging of the furnace. The optimized electrical connected load ensures that the glass heats up quickly.

Standard design

  • Heating elements protected in quartz glass tubes
  • Controller integrated on the right side of the furnace to save space
  • C440 controller included in scope of delivery
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions


Specifications on Kiln


Model                                         GF 1425

Tmax                                          950oC

Inner Dimensions (mm)            W-2510 x D-1510 x H-400

Outer Dimensions (mm)           W-3030 x D-1900 x H-1400

Floor Space m2                                 3.79

Connected Load                       32 kW

Electrical Connection               3-Phase

Weight                                       1390kg

External dimensions vary when furnace is equipped with additional equipment

1 - Flap With Observation Glass (optional)
Nabertherm Flap With Observation Glass
Flap With Observation Glass
Nabertherm Without Flap With Observation Glass
Kiln as standard Without Flap With Observation Glass
2 - Upgrade to P470 Controller (optional)
Nabertherm Controller P470 (instead of C440)
Upgrade to Controller P470 (instead of C440)
Nabertherm Standard C440 Controller
Standard C440 Controller
3 - Manual Exhaust Flaps Option 3 (optional)
Nabertherm Manual Exhaust Flaps Option 3

Manual Exhaust Flaps in kiln lid Option 3

For Models:

GF 1425

Nabertherm Without Manual Exhaust Flaps
Without Manual Exhaust Flaps
4 - Automatic Exhaust Flaps Option 3 (optional)
Nabertherm Automatic Exhaust Flaps Option 3

Automatic Exhaust Flaps Option 3

Controlled by extra function of controller


For Model - GF 1425

Nabertherm Without Automatic Exhaust Flaps
Without Automatic Exhaust Flaps