Nabertherm RAKU100 Hood and Table From  £2220.00

Raku Kilns


The RAKU kiln 100 is a gas-fired kiln for outdoor operations with standard propane gas.  This kiln combines two differed concepts: It can either be used as a top loader or as a top hat kiln.  In the basic version, the top hat is lifted by two bars.  As an accessory, the kiln can be supplied with a lifting stand.  This frame is provided with a crank drive which makes it very easy to lift the top hat.  With this version, you can operate the kiln by yourself, without problems.  We can also provide the matching propane burner.  However, you may decide to us your own model.


  • Can by used as a top hat kiln or top loader
  • Easy and simple construction, applies particularly to the top hat
  • High-quality insulation with low heat-storage capacity for short heat-up times
  • Housing made of textured stainless steel
  • Inspection holes for observing your fired ware
  • Special flame manipulation for good temperature uniformity
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions

Specifications on Kiln


Model                                            RAKU100

Max Firing Temp                         1150oC

Internal Dimensions(mm)           W-500 x D-500 x H-620

External Dimensions( mm)         W-750 x D-660 x H-1150

Weight                                           36kg – Tophat

                                                       16kg – Lifting Device     


POWER - 18kW


External dimensions vary when furnace is equipped with additional equipment.

1 - Lifting Crank for RAKU100
Nabertherm Lifting Crank
Lifting Crank for RAKU100
Nabertherm Without Lifting Crank
Without Lifting Crank
2 - Raku Burner for RAKU100
Nabertherm Raku Burner
Raku Burner for RAKU100
Nabertherm Without Raku Burner
Without Raku Burner
3 - Bottle Connection for RAKU100
Nabertherm Bottle Connection
Bottle connection for RAKU100
Nabertherm Without Bottle Connection
Without Bottle Connection
4 - Temperature Gauge for RAKU100
Nabertherm Temperature Guage

Temperature Guage including thermocouple for RAKU100

Easy to operate, NiCr-Ni Temperature sensor, display range 20oC – 1200oC, optional connection of second sensor with display changeover 

Nabertherm Without Temperature Guage
Without Temperature Guage
5 - Gloves for RAKU100
Nabertherm Gloves for Raku100

Gloves for RAKU100 kiln 

Max Temp 900oC

Nabertherm Without Gloves for Raku100
Without Gloves for Raku100
6 - Tongs for RAKU100
Nabertherm Tongs for RAKU100
Tongs for RAKU100
Nabertherm Without Tongs for RAKU100
Without Tongs for RAKU100