Peter Pugger VPM-60 Vacuum Power Wedger From  £10863.04

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Pugmills are made to order delivery can be up to 90 days.

Save your body and time for productive work and let the "tireless assistant" do the complete job of clay processing and recycling.
Capable of batch mixing any combination of wet, dry, greenware, slip, slop, powder and scrap. Recycle without slaking or constant force-feeding. When we said, "Let the machine do the work for you”, we weren't joking!

Presenting Intellectual Mixing Technology (IMT)! Throw any combination of unfired clay into the machine, shut the door and hit mix. The machine now has the ability to provide real-time monitoring of the clay consistency as it is being processed in the machine. As the clay softens, the Pugger-Mixer responds by accelerating up to twice the speed as previously offered. Yes, we have the fastest cycles times on the market, but why stop there! Real-time monitoring of the clay, coupled with our patented vacuum deairing design, makes this machine the most capable studio processor available today.

The Power Wedger is the most versatile studio clay processing machine on the market today. It can perform a variety of functions efficiently, transforming clay in any form to a usable product.

Some examples:

• Mix moist clay from powder and water.
• Reclaim scrap - wet or dry (anything that has not been fired).
• Blend two or more different bodies.
• Add materials (wet or dry) to an already moist body.
• Adjust moisture of an already wet body.
• OR just warm the clay by mixing it.

When the clay is adequately mixed, it can be deaired with vacuum and pugged out in the form of logs ready for use. SAFETY
It is not necessary to continuously hand-feed the Power Wedger as with standard pugmills. Load a full batch, close the lid and turn it on - this eliminates exposure to moving paddles. The Power Wedger shuts off automatically when the lid is opened. All machines are equipped with a thermal overload for protection against overheating.


With the removal of four bolts, the entire mixing/pugging chamber can be removed so it can be conveniently washed off. The paddles are then easily accessed for cleaning. Cleaning is necessary only to avoid cross contamination. Since the machines are completely sealed, moist clay can be stored indefinitely without drying out.


• Auto safety shut-off.
• Mix wet & dry scrap.
• Hands-free pugging.
• Adjust moisture of clay.
• Mix clay from powder.
• Extrude simple shapes.
• Recycle without slaking.
• Blend clay bodies.
• Stainless steel auger.
• Powder coated castings.
• Simple to clean.
• Warm clay for throwing.
• Built to last a lifetime.

Max Batch capacity: 140lbs. (Moist)
Hopper Door Size: 9" x 9"
Mixing Rate:500lbs. per hr
Pugging Rate: 1500lbs. per hr
Pug Size: 3 1/2" round
Dimensions: 58"L x 24"W x31"H
Weight: 520lbs
Motor and Pump: 2HP 1 Phase
16 Amps at 240V

Optional Variable Speed Control, only available when ordering a new machine.


Delivery Approx 45-90 days