Rohde Ecotop 43 L Pottery Kiln From  £2091.60

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Rohde Energy saving kiln models Ecoptop

The ECOTOP series is a newly designed and developed kiln model among the Rohde range of top loading kilns. ECOTOP kilns are the most energy-saving kilns and are outstanding in their energy efficiency due to a new insulating concept.

The 3-layer insulation structure consists of a 15 mm high-quality, micro porous back insulation which allows firing up to usual stoneware temperatures with a regular 230 volt supply.

  • Newly designed insulating concept to top loaders 3- layer insulation body (110mm) with Microtherm
  • Ergonomic working position due to ROHDE kiln stand
  • 1320°C final temperature

Save Energy

  • Significant increase in energy effiency.
  • Save up to 20% energy with an Rohde Ecotop Kiln


  • Silent and wearless SSR with exterior cooling element


Ecotop 43 L


Max firing temperature:1320°C

Internal Dimensions: ø 400mm x 340mm

External Dimensions: 650mm x 700mm x 630mm

Capacity: 43 Litres

Output (KW): 2.9KW

Supply (A1PH):13.0

Batts: ø 350

Weight: 58kg

1 - Choose Controller
Bentrup Controller TC 304

This is the standard controller supplied with the Ecotop 43 L. Clearly structured controller and easy to operate, i.e. for hobbyists, simple workshops and school applications.

5 firing programs freely selectable

Heating up time programmable

1 dwell time


Bentrup Controller TC 504

Intuitive operating layout with extensive performance spectrum characterize this controller which has been developed specifically for Rohde.

  • 10 firing programs freely selectable
  • 2 dwell times programmable
  • 2-resp. 3-zone control (optional)
  • 1 additional switch output e.g. for exhaust air flap (optional)
Bentrup Controller TC 507

This controller is outstanding with regards to greatest possible performance spectrum for almost every application.

  • Up to 30 firing programs freely selectable
  • Up to 80 semi segments
  • 2-resp. 3-zone control (optional)
  • 2 additional switch outputs e.g. (optional)
Stafford Instruments ST215 Kiln Controller

Temperature Programmer

• 10 programs

• Up to 16 segments per program

• 1 controlled heating / cooling ramp + 1 soak per segment

• Ideal for glass or ceramics use

• Soak times up to 99hr 59min

• Ramp rates from 1 to 999°/hour + FULL

• Programs can be reviewed or altered while firing

• Program Pause & Segment Advance facilities

• Keyboard lockable

• Delayed start facility - up to 99hr 59min

• Power failure recovery

• Energy used display

• Worldwide operation

• °C/°F switchable display

• Standard alarm / safety relay with alarm buzzer FEATURES


The ST215 is a small easy to use ergonomically designed controller in a hand-held case with rubber hand grips.  It is supplied with a wall mounting holster bracket and a flexible lead and plug as standard.  Bright orange LED displays are fitted.  The ST215 is designed to control single zone electric kilns and is derived from the long established ST315 controller.
It is suitable for worldwide use with a universal power supply and selectable °C/°F operation.
For a traditional pottery firing controller please see our ST216 (separate datasheet).  This is in the same product range as the ST215 controller and has 80 programs.

The ST215 is a 10-program controller designed for glass, ceramics & pottery use.  Each program can have up to 16 segments. It is fully adjustable with a detailed 4-lamp mimic display & continuous display of segment number.  Each segment comprises of a ramp followed by a soak.  Ramps can be heating or cooling.  It executes a controlled ramp to the soak temperature where it dwells for the required period then executes the next segment.  The end of the program is marked by selecting ‘End’ while entering a ramp rate.  Natural cooling then follows. Press the  key to display the program number – this can be changed if required with the  &  keys. To change any of the controller’s settings press the  key (or reverse with the  key) until the required lamp on the mimic display flashes.  The current value will be displayed together with a temperature, ramp rate or time icon.  Change the displayed settings with the  &  keys which can be held down for acceleration.  All settings are remembered while the controller is powered off.  The keyboard can be locked to prevent tampering.
The n key is used to commence a firing.  An optional start delay can be entered.  The progress of the firing is shown on the mimic display.  If a start delay has been set then the delay time remaining will be displayed.  During firing the program settings can be reviewed and altered if required and the program can be paused/resumed or advanced to the next segment.  The current set-point and the current energy used can be viewed by pressing the  key at any time.  During soaking the soak time remaining and the soak temperature are alternately displayed.  In the event of a power failure the controller will intelligently re-commence firing when power returns.

Control Accuracy P.I.D. Control (adjustable) Reading accuracy: ±0.25% FSD ±1 digit
Thermocouple R,S,K & N type (selectable)
Cold Junction Compensation Yes - precision thermistor type

Electrical Temperature
10 programs each with 1-16 segments 1 ramp & 1 soak per segment ramp rate: 1 to 999°/hour or FULL Ramps can be heating or cooling Programs
Operating temperature range: -10°C to +55°C Storage temperature range:  -10°C to +55°C Environmental
Material: ABS flame retardant UL 94V-0 Sealing: IP50 Size: 80/68mm(W), 165mm(L), 28mm(D) Colour: Black/Dark Grey   RAL9011/RAL7012 Enclosure
Error Handling Thermocouple failure detection Thermocouple reversal detection Heater failure detection Kiln over-temperature detection Room over-temperature detection Lock-up on error facility Audible Alarm (buzzer)
Keyboard lock facility + indicator Program running & kiln heating-on indicators Energy used display Program pause & segment advance features Other
The ST215 can be configured to the kiln using a configuration menu.  The thermocouple type and kiln power rating (for the energy used function) can be configured together with °C/°F operation.  Other installer-configurable items include power failure recovery enable/disable, error message handling and control parameters.
The ST215 is supplied with a moulded ABS holster style wall mounting bracket and a flexible lead & plug.
Power supply Line voltage range: 90 - 264VAC Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power:  Controller 4VA (max)              Switched outputs: 125VA
Fuse:    3.15A slow-blow HRC  20mm x 5mm ceramic

2 - Kiln Furniture
3 - With or Without Spyhole
4 - Exhaust air socket
Rohde Exhaust air (standard: left side)
Exhaust air socket to connect exhaust tube - left side as standard
Rohde Exhaust air on the right side (standard: left side)

Exhaust air sock to connect exhaust tube  

Fitted to left side as standard, can be fitted to right side.

5 - Flexible exhaust air hose per mtr
Rohde Flexible Exhaust air hose per metre

Flexible exhaust air hose, 70mm dia,

Sold per metre

To connect to exhaust air socket 

Rohde Without Flexible Exhaust air hose
Without flexible exhaust air hose