Rohde FE-600 Fusing Kiln From  £12564.00

Fusing kilns FE series

ROHDE Fusing kilns from the FE series guarantee high-level kiln technology. Modern construction principles and the use of high-quality materials allow safe and effective processing of glass. The entire steel construction of the FE series has been designed to be resistant to distortion and its stainless steel components can be exposed regularly to heat.

The fl exible FE series is equipped with a kiln frame on stable and sturdy castors (fi xed to the kiln stand for models FE 75/100) allowing good workshop organization. The hoods on models FE 75 to 1000 are provided with gas pressure springs that allow safe, easy opening of the lids. You can choose an optional electrically operated lid opening for all ROHDE Fusing kilns from the FE series.

The insulation structure of ROHDE Fusing kilns consists of a solid working surface made of insulating bricks combined with a high-quality manufactured fibre lid. ROHDE ensures that the fibres used haveabrasion resistant surfaces to prevent particles falling from the ceiling or contaminating the ware. View ports are installed in the side walls preventing particles falling from the ceiling while the lid is open and offering the best possible overview of the entire firing surface.

The model FE 1800 has been designed as hood kiln in portal construction. The kiln hood is lifted vertically using a manual device thus allowing easy handling of large-surface workpieces and positioning of compact elements on the entire fi ring surface. After lifting the hood, the worktable can be moved freely. The lifting movement can be operated using an optional hydraulic mechanism.

All ROHDE Fusing kilns from the FE series are equipped with high-quality infrared quartz radiators. Power is controlled by silent, low-wear solid-state relays. Benefi t from this combination of fi bre insulation, heating with quartz radiators and power control using solid-state relays to obtain exact and safe firing control for your applications and at the same time the best possible results.


Specifications on Kiln


Model                                                 FE-600

Max Temp                                         1000oC

Internal Dimensions (mm)               W-1700 x D-850 x H-410

External Dimensions (mm)              W-2160 x D-1470 x H-1400

Output                                                15kW

Supply                                                22 Amps

Connector                                          CEE 32

Kiln Shelf Size(mm)                          800

Weight                                                540kg


Kiln is supplied with ST215 Controller 


1 - Electrically operated lid opening for FE-250-1000
Rohde Electrically operated lid opening for FE-250 to FE-1000
Electrically operated lid opening for FE-250 to FE-1000
Rohde Without Electrically operated lid
Without Electrically operated lid or hood
2 - Silicate Fabric
Rohde Silicate Fabric

Silcate Fabric 600g/m2

Pre shrunk

1000mm wide 

per  running metre 

Rohde Without Silicate Fabric
Without Silicate Fabric
3 - Fibre Paper Per Meter
Rohde Fibre Paper Per Metre

Fibre Paper Per Meter

1.000 x 1mm per running meter 

to cover kiln floor 

Rohde Without Fibre Paper Per Metre
Without Fibre Paper Per Metre