Rohde KE-65 B eco From  £3501.54

Frontloaders KE-B Series

Kiln models from the KE-B series have been developed from the successful and proven KE-L series.

The KE-B series comprises Frontloaders with 3-side heating and a kiln volume of 35 to 210 litres.  You can choose between the compact tabletop models KE-35B and KE-65B as well a four floor models KE-105B to KE-210B.

Frontloaders from the KE-B series are particularly suitable for use in public institutions, such as schools and therapy centres.  These electrically operated kilns offer best possible performance and a variety of options for hobby and decorative applications or casting techniques.  The advantages of a frontloader can be effectively used, ensuring a balanced price-to-performance ratio.

The unique technical features of Rohde Frontloaders have been incorporated into the KE-B series.  The entire in-frame ventilated steel construction prevents corrosion and at the same time reduces external temperatures.  The proven ceiling construction “System ROHDE” has also been incorporated into the KE-B Series.

Heat is radiated from heating elements recessed into developed grooved bricks in the two side walls and the floor.  Solid calculation of heating elements with sufficient power reserve results in an efficient, even distribution of heat throughout the fifing chamber to obtain the best possible results.

Rohde frontloaders from the KE-B series can be extended with different accessories such as an air supply slide, a loading frame of an exhaust air hood.

Special Features of the KE-B series:

  • 3-side heating resulting in an even heat distribution
  • Heating elements recessed in protected position into new grooved bricks
  • In-frame ventilation for low external temperatures and corrosion protection
  • Enhanced 3-layer insulation structure of tabletop models KE-35B and KE-65B
  • Enhanced 2-layer insulation structure of floor models from KE-105B upwards
  • R-SiC ceiling support “System ROHDE” prevents cracks and particles falling from the ceiling onto the ware
  • Optional kiln stand for tabletop models, floor models mounted on stable and fixed base


Specifications on Kiln


Model                                            KE-65 B eco

Max Temp                                     1200oC

Internal Dimensions (mm)           W-380 x D-380 x H-450

External Dimensions (mm)          W-620 x D-700 x H-800

Output                                           3.6kW

Supply                                          16Amps

Connector                                    Schuko

Kiln Shelf Size(mm)                     W-330 x D-350

Weight                                           110kg


1 - Choose Controller
Bentrup Controller TC 304

Clearly structured control unit and easy to operate, for use in workshops, schools and hobby rooms.

  • 5 firing programs, freely adjustable
  • Delayed start programmable
  • 1 dwell/soak time freely programmable


Bentrup Controller TC 507

High-performance 30-segment control unit with highest safety standards and many special features. Suitable for demanding workshop and laboratory applications, as well as glass fusing. Equipped with 2- or 3-zone control (optional)..

  • Up to 30 firing programs, freely adjustable
  • Delayed start programmable
  • Up to 30 segments freely programmable
  • 2 additional switch outputs (optional)
Stafford Instruments ST411 Kiln Controller

Temperature Programmer

  • 32 programs each with up to 32 segments
  • 1 controlled heating / cooling ramp + soak per segment
  • 1 Programmable event
  • Soak periods up to 99 hours 59 mins
  • Ramp rates from 1 to 999°/ hour + FULL
  • Ideal for glass or ceramics use
  • Programs can be altered while firing
  • Program pause and advance facilities
  • Keyboard lockable
  • Delayed start facility – up to 99 hours 59 mins
  • Power failure recovery
  • Energy used display
  • Setpoint display
  • Alarm buzzer
  • °C/°F operation
  • USB interface for data logging
  • USB interface and Wifi module to evaluate and save data with ROHDEgraph and ROHDEapp


2 - Select Phase
3 - SiC Floor Batt instead of Cordierite
Rohde SiC floor batt
SiC floor batt instead of standard cordierite batt
Rohde Standard Cordierite Floor Batt
Standard Cordierite Floor Batt
4 - Exhaust Air Handle
Rohde Exhaust Air Handle for KE-B
Exhaust air handle for KE-B kiln
Rohde Without Exhaust air handle
Without Exhaust air handle
5 - Door Opening to the Left
Rohde Door opening to the left (controller right)
Door opening to the left - controller will be on the right side
Rohde Standard Door Opening
Standard Door Opening to right - controller on the left
6 - Kiln Stand for KE-35B and KE-65B
Rohde Kiln Stand for KE-35 B and KE-65 B
Kiln stand only suitable for KE-35 B and KE-65 B kiln
Rohde Without Kiln Stand
Without Kiln Stand (KE-35B and KE-65B)
7 - Castors for KE-35B/KE-65B kiln stand
Rohde Castors for KE-35 B and KE-65B Kiln Stand

Castors for KE-35 B and KE-65 B kiln stand, comprising 4 mobile castors (2 lockable)

Rohde Without Castors for KE-35B and KE-65B
Without Castors for KE-35B and KE-65B
8 - Exhaust Air Socket for Frontloaders
Rohde Exhaust air socket for frontloaders
Exhaust air socket for frontloaders, to connect flexible exhaust air tube
Rohde Without Exhaust Air socket for frontloaders
Without Exhaust Air socket for frontloaders
9 - Flexible exhaust air hose per mtr
Rohde Flexible Exhaust air hose per metre

Flexible exhaust air hose, 70mm dia,

Sold per metre

To connect to exhaust air socket 

Rohde Without Flexible Exhaust air hose
Without flexible exhaust air hose
10 - View port in door to monitor firing
Rohde View port in door to monitor firing
View port in door to monitor firing
Rohde Without view port in door to monitor firing
Without view port in door to monitor firing
11 - Hood for Chimney
Rohde Hood for chimney

Hood for chimney

Dia - 150mm

socket to connect chimney at the back

Rohde Without Hood for Chimney
Without Hood for Chimney
12 - Kiln Furniture Set 34
Rohde With Kiln Furniture Set 34
With Rohde Kiln furniture set consisting of the following
  • 2 x 330mm x 330mm kiln shelves 
  • 3 x 25mm props
  • 3 x 50mm props
  • 3 x 75mm props
  • 3 x 100mm props
Rohde Without Furniture Set
Standard equipment without Rohde Kiln furniture set