Rohde PW 600 Slab Roller From  £1754.00

The entire PW 600 table frame is made of solid square pipes joined with high-quality welding connections providing for the highest possible degree of torsion resistance. The four legs can be fastened and taken off for transport and allow for using the PW 600 as a table top slab roller. The large wheel handle provides for effortless rolling and evenly distributes pressure. The large diameter of the roller (100 mm) allows for effortless rolling of clay over the whole working surface. The slab thickness can be adjusted continuously on both sides and allows for an exact fine adjustment of slabs. The clay can be put in between two resilient layers of canvas which makes it easy to remove the slabs after rolling for further processing. This will spare you the effort of cleaning the machine. The slab roller wagon is a combination of eight high-quality grooved ball bearings and a smoothed contact surface made of stainless steel and allows for the most possible degree of precision for daily application in potter's workshops and educational institutes

• Continuous thickness adjustment
• Large, easy to control thickness indicator
• Large wheel handle for easy rolling
• Precise rolling with eight ball bearings on stainless steel contact surface
• Dual driven gear
• Roller ø 100mm
• Max. Rolling space 650 x 850mm
• EC-certified
• Free of maintenance
• 24 months guarantee

Model Working dimensions (mm)
Width - 650
Depth - 850
Height - 0-85

Overall dimensions (mm) Weight

Width - 960
Depth - 1340
Height – 1250
Weight - 105 kilos

Please note if product is out of stock, can take approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery

1 - Spare Linen Cloth for PW 600
Rohde Spare Linen Cloth for PW 600
Spare linen cloth for PW 600 Slab Roller
Rohde Without Spare Linen Cloth for PW 600
Without Spare Linen Cloth for PW 600