Rohde Stainless Steel Exhaust Air Hood KE-100S & KE-150S From  £459.24

Stainless Steel Exhaust Air Hood KE-100S & KE-150S


Rohde Exhaust aiir hoods for electric frontloaders KE and ELS ranges

The robust stainless steel exhaust air hoolds cover the entire ceiling area of the frontloader absorbing exhaust air from the kiln.  The ROHDE in-frame  ventilated side walls direct the heat produced inside the kiln into the ceiling area.  The exhaust air hood then absorbs and discharges it through a connected tube.  


Exhaust air hoods can be connected to other pipes using a standardised socket.  This should be done by a company specialising in ventilation and chimney systems.


Construction properties are perfectly matched to ROHDE Frontloaders allowing optimum removal of exhaust air, e.g. for Paperclay applications.