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Scarva FLAX Paper Clay LogoFiring Temp 1220°C-1280°C


“The new Scarva FLAXpaperCLAY body will, I feel, be the best product on the market in this fast developing area of ceramics." Ian Gregory.

“I have, as you know, been one of the main pioneers of adding fibres and paper to clay bodies in order to develop new methods of making. But I can only say that your new Scarva FLAXpaperCLAY offers all that one could expect from such thorough research on your part.

Scarva FLAXpaperCLAY is very versatile, strong and flexible at all stages of the making process. Its reinforcing property with the flax fibre content allows the clay to be stretched without tearing. The fibres also seem to add tremendous strength to the sculpture as it dries and this gives a much greater handling ability before firing.

I have been very impressed with other properties, for example, the clay can be joined in a conventionally plastic-to-plastic state, but also quite radically plastic-to-dry or dry-to-dry, allowing repairs at any stage, before and after firing. This opens up a whole new field of development in both construction and firing methods.’’

PLEASE NOTE: ES600 contains cellulose fibre this may contain traces of carbon that are produced during the production of the fibre which may result in the occasional speck in the clay.

Scarva FLAXpaperCLAY allows the potter to be more of an artist and less of a technician.
• Incredibly strong slabs - even extra thin slabs will fold, bend and drape without tearing.
• Extra large or thick forms hold up under their own weight.
• Greenware re-wets easily and evenly allowing you to re-work, alter or add new clay at any stage of dryness.
It is possible with this clay body to build an armature and allow it to dry as a support sculpture that need
not be removed for firing.
• Moisture evaporates so evenly from this clay body that it can be force dried with excellent results.
• Exaggerated forms hold their shape. Be careful not to get too extreme: once bisqued, the fibre structure
burns out and slumping may occur if the base clay is over fired.
• Greenware, even bone dry, is unbelievably strong and easy to handle or transport if necessary.
• Make Scarva FLAXpaperCLAY into a putty to repair cracks in greenware or to construct forms out of
previously made modules. You may even repair or add to already bisqued Scarva FLAXpaperCLAY. For best
results you should re-bisque ware after making alterations.
• In addition, the burn out of the flax fibres results in a noticeably lower fired weight, especially in large-scale
works and the resulting openness gives improved thermal shock properties to most clay bodies.
Firings can be Oxidised, Reduced, Raku or Salt and Soda.

During firing combustion of organic, cellulose pulp and flax fibres will create a smoke effect - avoid inhalation. The kiln should be well-ventilated, i.e. suitable extraction fan or canopy fitted that allows the fumes to be safely removed from the kiln room. Without adequate venation it could trigger a smoke alarm.
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