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Gillespie Borate RM1218

Gillespie Borate can be used as a substitute for Gerstely Borate. In terms of physical, mineralogical and chemical composition it is virtually identical with a similar melt and flow to Gerstley Borate. It is known to have fewer impurities and can make certain colours lighter. 

We recommend testing before using on your work. 


  •  Consistency -- Manufactured from high purity refined raw materials, Gillespie Borate is highly consistent from batch to batch.
  •  Mineral Match -- Gillespie Borate provides the same minerals to the glaze as Gerstley Borate, thus imparting the same glaze activity, texture and effects.
  •  Particle Size Match -- As a -200 mesh material, Gillespie Borate combines well with other glaze raw materials.
  •  Plasticity Match -- A high colloid and clay content gives the plasticity necessary for many applications.
  •  Reduced Glaze Defects -- Our laboratory studies indicate that Gillespie Borate gives increased glaze surface smoothness and a reduction in crawling and pinhole defects.
  •  Lower In Off-Color Impurities -- As a refined blended material, Gillespie Borate contains few impurities and produces brighter glazes and colors.


Raku, Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain -- Excellent over a wide temperature range from below cone 06 to cone 10
 Special Effects -- Excellent glaze texture and activity for specialty glazes.
 Colored Glazes -- GB works well with most pigments and has an exceptionally wide color palette.

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