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Welte Powder Frosted Glazes KGM

In contrast to the gloss glazes, the light on the surface is broken in the frosted glazes. This creates an effect with a silky gloss to a stony or dull character. Due to this fact frosted glazes are always a bit cloudy to opaque. 
These glazes are mainly used in dishes and tile areas or in cases where a rather gentle glaze effect is required, in line with the ambience of modern home furnishings.

This Glaze should be fired between 1020°C - 1080°C for best results. As with all glazes we recommend a test firing first to check for colour, fit and stability. Suitable for handpainting, spray painting , dipping and pouring onto ceramic pieces.

To make the glaze we recommend the following:

  1. Measure water/medium according to the weight of powder glaze; a minimum of 45% water and/or glaze medium to be added (i.e. 450 ml water/medium per kilo glaze). The consistency of the glaze should be creamy to milky depending on the type of application. For most dipping applications it may be necessary to add up to 30% more water/medium (i.e.300 ml)
  2. Shake or stir the mixture vigorously
  3. You should then sieve this glaze slurry. For glazes with coarse effect materials, any residue should be returned to the glaze after sieving.
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