Enrich & Endure 100% Irish Linen Handmade Heavy Platinum Apron  £75.00

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Whether you are in the kitchen cooking up a feast or in the studio creating a master piece; this apron has you covered.
The large front pocket is the ideal size for resting your hands or keeping a notebook in and with its carefully positioned extra pocket for your phone you're never far from a perfect instagram moment.

This classic design also has a handy breast pocket and our unique 'pentack' feature is perfect for holding pens, plating tweezers, cupping or teaspoons in place.

This Heavy Weight Platinum linen is strong and robust yet comfortable and easy to wear. The contrasting Oatmeal straps work perfectly with this gorgeous grey fabric.

The Technical Jazz
100% Irish linen (385g/m)
Reinforcing bartacks
Contrasting pocket, neck and side straps
Brass hardware
Chest Pocket
Large lower pocket with contrasting phone pocket inside
Embroidered E&E bird
Handcrafted in Ireland


Simple might seem easy. It might seem like the smoother road. The path of least resistance. But simple is oddly complicated. There's nowhere to hide when it comes to simple, no jazz hands you can flash to disguise weaknesses. Every stitch matters and with something like an apron, a true workhorse of a product, quality and reliability become the backbone of everything you do. This is the anatomy of our apron - the details that make it what it is. Simple, done extra-ordinarily well.  


When you're creating an apron made to last, quality must be in every single detail. So we favour brass for our sliders, because they're both super durable and pleasing on the eye - important factors on something that you wear every single day.  We source them locally, because we're proud to have a product that is made entirely in these Isles. 


Our straps are one inch thick, just the right width to stop them digging, rubbing or generally being a pain in the neck. And because they're made from linen - which softens as you wear it - they don't twist and curl up on themselves, unlike standard cotton webbing you might find on other aprons.


These two parallel lines of stitching protect the high stress areas of your apron, reinforcing strength where it is needed most. Because no one needs to live through the horror of hearing a ripping seam in your beloved apron. That's just not okay.


Our Linnet Bird logo is the sign of a truly enriching and enduring product. A badge of honour for the aprons that made it through our strict quality control and rigorous testing. So you can be sure that if the bird is proudly embroidered into your apron, then it has you covered ... no matter what you have to throw at it. 


Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres known to man. So no matter how much you put it through its paces, get it grubby and wash it; it will dry better than ever. Rinse and repeat. Plus, our linen is made right here in Ireland. Rest assured, it's the creme de la creme. 


These 1cm tight zig zag stitches clamp down our pocket corners. They're so darn strong it would take the Hulk himself to rip them from you. Tried, tested and incredibly dependable, these little bartacks make your apron pockets the perfect place to store just about everything but the kitchen sink.


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