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Enrich & Endure

Enrich & Endure is more than just our company name, it's also the pledge our products fulfil. Our ethos is pretty simple- quality materials, longevity, local craftsmanship and top-class design. So no matter how often you wrap it around you, rub your hands down it or put in a hard days graft in it; it just gets better with age. 

We are proud to say that any product which dawns our Linnet bird logo is a truly enriching and enduring product. 

Our aprons are handmade right here in Northern Ireland, under our meticulously watchful eye through every stage from design concept to end product.  Our manufacturing team obsess over every little detail after all, there’s no cutting corners when it comes to quality.

Our aprons are designed and crafted to fill the space between you and what you’re making. To protect you and inspire you, to be your identity and your blank canvas.

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