Rohde. Sedimentation Basin From  £420.00

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The sedimentation tank (also known as a clay separator) is the ideal small-scale settling plant for the
Classroom or studio. Waste such as glaze and clay should not be disposed of down the sink as it clogs up over a period of time causing blockages and inconvenience.

The sedimentation tank comes with a siphon and inlet socket (diameter 40 mm). It can be mounted to practically any sink. An optional cover is available.

The plastic tank is robust, shockproof and mobile; the supporting steel construction is mounted on 4 castors. It is made of environmentally sound polypropylene plastic.

The tank has a generous three-compartment system, wastewater enters the basin through your sink as normal then through gravity the water and solid particles are separated by the time it leaves the basin the water is free from any solids which prevents the blocking of pipes and is environmentally sound. This sedimentation basin complies with local regulations for wastewater.

• Generous three compartment system
• Robust and shockproof
• Environmentally sound polypropylene plastic tank
• Mounted on four mobile castors
• Complies with regulations for wastewater
• EC-certified
• Free of maintenance simply empty contents when full

Overall dimensions - 630mm Long x 450mm Wide x 520mm High

1 - Lid for Sedimentation Basin (optional)
Rohde Optional Lid for Sedimentation Basin
Optional Lid for Sedimentation Basin
Rohde Without Lid for Sedimentation Basin
Without Lid for Sedimentation Basin