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The High Firing Colours range of body and glaze stains has been developed to provide a new selection of strong, stable, high-intensity colours. High Firing Colours may be used in slips, engobes, glazes and body stains. The intensity of each colour is dependent on both the percentage of stain used and the degree of vitrification of the body. If used as a body stain the higher the stain is fired the more intense the colour. A transparent glaze applied on top will also create a stronger colour.

High Firing Colours can be used successfully with raku, earthenware or stoneware bodies and fired up to 1300°C in oxidising or reducing atmospheres.

Firing range 1000 - 1300°C (Cone 06 – 10)

Typical percentages for stain addition for HFC520 Shearwater Black Stain are:

• Body/Slip: 10 – 15%

• Glaze: 6%

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