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We now stock Custer Feldspar
Published on: Fri 18 September 2015 12:40
ceramic grade high potash feldspar originating in Custer, South Dakota.
New Xiem Tools USA
Published on: Thu 06 November 2014 15:12
An exciting range of professional pottery studio tools from California, USA.
New Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool
Published on: Mon 16 June 2014 16:30
Japanese Inspired & Re-imagined As the name implies, we think this ceramic trim tool does it all.
ScanCeram 2012
Published on: Fri 14 September 2012 09:29
Scandinavian Ceramic Conference 2012 is an annual, international event focused on ceramic arts, hosted each September in Hjørring, Denmark.
Join us at Ceramics Ireland International Festival 2012
Published on: Mon 13 August 2012 19:42
Artists include: Tip Toland - USA, Rafa Perez - Spain, Alex Scott - IRE, Ken Eastman - UK, Rory Shearer - IRE, Sun Kim - Korea/UK
Ceramic Skills Graduation Exhibition
Published on: Thu 19 July 2012 19:38
The Course is a unique programme designed to equip graduates with the practical skills to develop careers in the ceramics industry.
Naked Raku Workshop
Published on: Thu 19 July 2012 17:36
Janine Parent, a ceramist from Quebec City who specializes in naked-raku, is faciliting a workshop for ceramicists
Earth & Fire 2012
Published on: Wed 13 June 2012 13:40
A celebration of clay in all its forms, the Earth and Fire International Ceramic Fair takes place at Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire.
Fusion 2012
Published on: Wed 06 June 2012 19:48
Fusion 2012 is the Craft & Design Collective's annual exhibition of ceramics, jewellery and textiles from 1st/2nd year students at UU.
University of Ulster School of Art & Design End of Year Show 2012
Published on: Mon 04 June 2012 14:01
Students from each of the many disciplines will exhibit their work as the campus is transformed into Belfast's biggest gallery.
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