Scarva GZ2110 Earthenware Tin White Opaque From  £14.46

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4.00 out of 5 stars
Anonymous from United KingdomOwner18 February 2013 13:29
I have given this glaze four stars. Two stars are for ease of use - does not settle out too quickly - and I have fired this glaze between 1080 and 1140 and glaze performed well each time. Another star is for good fit - no crazing, shivering or seepage. The fourth star is for holding brushwork decoration very well without blurring.

This glaze loses a star due to being surprisingly cold white for a tin glaze, it's much more like a zircon white glaze and bleaches the colours a little too much.

I have used this glaze on Scarva white earthenware so can't comment on any other body in realtion to this glaze.
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